“Yoyaq” is an online platform
for hiring business interpreters.

“Yoyaq” is an onine platform where you can reserve interpreters for your online (Zoom, etc.) meetings on a half-hourly basis.

Beta version released on November 2020

Until now, the standard minimum reservation period for interpreters in the industry has been a half-day or one day. In addition, most interpreters had to travel to provide their services.
But now, using "Yoyaq," you can readily arrange interpreting services anywhere.

Please check with your interpreter if you want to use a communication service other than Zoom.

The Yoyaq Difference


Reserve an interpreter online in 30-minute increments

Traditional interpreting services work on a half-day or one-day basis, and with the additional burden of transportation costs. But with Yoyaq, you can readily reserve an interpreter in 30-minute increments (about 25 minutes of actual interpreting).

All Yoyaq interpreters are proven professional interpreters

Yoyaq is operated by a translation and interpreting company with a track record of over 25 years in the industry. We offer professional interpreters for business meetings.

Users can provide feedback on interpreters

Users can provide feedback on each user experience, enabling us to further improve our service quality and provide customers with the optimum interpreter selection.


Case Study

To business owners

Fast-track online interpretation

When you can’t meet up in person, online meetings with clients and partners abroad often need an interpreter. With Yoyaq you can easily reserve interpreters anywhere and at any time, as late as 24 hours prior to your meeting. Selecting a high-quality interpreter is a must, especially for business negotiations and other important encounters. Rest assured that all registered Yoyaq interpreters are professionals.

Our Interpreters

You can be assured that all our interpreters are well-versed in business etiquette.

Having interpreters with good basic business etiquette is essential in facilitating conferences, especially when holding business talks and meetings online with people outside your company. In addition, business interpreters must have the know-how and skills to make bilingual meetings successful. Interpreters who comprehend your agenda and intentions can effectively communicate your message. By reserving the same interpreter, you can save time by continuing from where you left off. Even if you decide to choose a different interpreter, the next interpreter can use the Yoyaq system to view interpreting notes from your most recent meeting. す。

List of interpreters


Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guid


User registration

Start by registering on Yoyaq as a user. Registration takes no more than about 3 minutes.


Confirm the contract

Please check the contract details after completing your profile.


Make a reservation

Reserve an interpreter for the time(s) and date(s) you need them.


Start your online (Zoom)

Your interpreter will join the Zoom meeting when it starts.




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ダイレクトメッセージ機能は、ログイン後の画面から「利用予約」>「通訳者から予約」> ご希望の通訳者プロフィールを選択 > 「この通訳者に予約リクエストする」でアクセスいただけます。


「よくあるご質問」: https://www.yoyaq.org/wte/faq




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