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Katya 先生
  • Fromインドネシア共和国
  • Lives inインドネシア共和国
  • Ticket2Tickets/25min.
Nickname Katya
Gender Female
Introduction <インドネシア語> フリーランスと会社員として約6年の通訳・翻訳経験があります。



I have 6 years of experience in interpretation and translation as a freelancer and company employee.
Currently I am working as a freelancer.

As an interpreter I mainly handle digital marketing projects, especially related to work tasks involving coding, design, etc.
My role is to support the communication between Japanese or English-speaking clients and Indonesian-speaking workers.
I also have experience in interpreting for academic settings, such as field research, seminar, and senate meeting speech.

My experience also involves a wide variety of translation projects, including digital marketing, tourism, video translation (films, variety shows, etc.), academic paper, self-help books, and many more.
Career/Qualification <資格>
・IELTS Academic(2017年)9満点で8点
・TOEIC Listening and Reading(2018年)990満点で990点


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