First-time users

“Yoyaq” is a site where you can book interpreters by the hour!

Up to now, interpreting services in Japan were available for only half-day or daily reservations, and interpreters often had to travel to the conference destination. But now, using “Yoyaq”, you can easily get interpreting services anywhere, regardless of location. Take advantage of our trial plan to get started. You can rest assured that bilingual interpreters fluent in your language will deliver accurate interpreting.

The Yoyaq Difference

Our interpreters speak your language.

No Japanese language ability required—you can easily make reservations in English.

Reservations accepted 24 hours a day for interpreters in Japan and around the world

We have interpreters registered from all over the world, so you can take advantage of the time differences and book for late night and early morning conferences. You can also ask for advice about local business practices, trends and culture. (We are currently working to add more interpreters.)

Improve your business language skills

Our interpreters are language specialists and can educate and advise on any language you may be studying. Upon request, they can also advise on language proficiency tests. Use our interpreters, too, to provide you with helpful feedback in regard to spoken content that you might have to deliver unaided in another language. (Such services are within the reserved time frame.)

The perfect service if you...

1. Have never used an interpreting service

Today, meetings and business talks regularly take place online, so having an interpreter join you online makes meetings across borders easier and all the more doable. If you’ve never used an interpreting service before you might wonder “Where can I find interpreters?” “How do I ask them?” “Won’t it be a lot of work?”
Rest assured that with Yoyaq you can find interpreters suitable for any conference and that they will speak your language.

2. Are in a rush and need an interpreter ASAP

Yoyaq is open 24 hours, because we have interpreters registered all over the world. You can book late night and early morning conferences taking advantage of time differences. Perfect, too, for those short-notice meetings where you need an interpreter right away, and where, being after-hours, most interpreting companies are unreachable.

3. Need to brush up on your language skills

Maybe you know Japanese and want to get involved with the actual conference, but would prefer to deal with the complicated matters in your native tongue. Our service is perfect for you.
As one-time learners of foreign languages, interpreters understand the struggle it takes to acquire a language. Also, our interpreters are well versed in Japanese business etiquette, so can offer valuable advice and feedback after the conference. In addition, interpreters can offer you advice on language proficiency tests. (Within the reserved time frame)