Terms of Use

Please agree to the following terms of use before registering as a user of YOYAQ:

Article 1 (User registration terms)

These user registration terms prescribe rules concerning the use by users (below, “User(s)”) of YOYAQ and related services (below, “the Service”), which are provided by WIP Japan Corp (below, "the Company").

Article 2 (Scope of terms)

When Users use the Service, they shall first carefully read, and then faithfully comply with, these terms. Information on the YOYAQ website and information transmitted separately via email etc. by WIP Japan to Users shall all constitute part of these terms.

Article 3 (Changes to terms)

WIP Japan may change these terms of use without obtaining the consent of Users. In such a case, the conditions for using the Service will depend on the post-change terms of use. The post-change terms of use shall, unless WIP Japan specifies otherwise, take effect from the moment they are displayed online.

Article 4 (User registration and acceptance)

  1. Before performing user registration, please confirm that your communications infrastructure is suitable for use of the service.
  2. Persons who have performed user registration (including persons who have performed provisional registration with a view to full registration) are regarded as having accepted the terms of use at the time they performed user registration.
  3. Each person may only perform user registration once, and similarly, each person may only use the free trial period once. If the same person is discovered to have used the free trial period fraudulently through multiple user registrations, WIP Japan shall demand that the User concerned pay damages and the User shall pay said damages.

Article 5 (Non-acceptance of registration)

If a person who wishes to register as a user of the Service falls under any of the following, WIP Japan may not accept their registration:
  1. An existing registrant has attempted to register under another name
  2. The application information submitted contained falsehoods, errors, or omissions
  3. There is a risk of smooth administration of the Service being impeded
  4. The person has had their name removed by WIP Japan in the past
  5. WIP Japan has deemed that the person is unsuitable for admission for reasons other than the above

Article 6 (Commencement date for use of the Service

The commencement date for use of the Service shall be the date on which WIP Japan informed the User concerned via email that their registration had been completed.

Article 7 (Time limit for provision of the Service)

There is no expiry date for provision of the Service, but if a User has not made a reservation for a period of six months or longer, their registration information may be deleted without them being notified in advance.

Article 8 (Termination of the Service)

Use of the Service itself will typically not be terminated (i.e. there are no de-registration procedures). However, if a User has not used the Service for a long time, their registration may be removed pursuant to Article 7.

Article 9 (Refunds)

Regarding already-purchased tickets, refunds and ticket returns are not permitted, regardless of whether the tickets have been used. Note also that the same shall apply even if the User had difficulty using the Service due to issues with their communications infrastructure, connection, software, signal, etc.

Article 10 (Details concerning reservations)

  1. Users shall purchase tickets for the Service by bank transfer or credit card, and use these tickets each time they make a reservation.
  2. If a User cancels a reservation using the cancellation form, WIP Japan shall return the ticket(s) to the User, provided that cancellation was performed by the deadline determined by WIP Japan in advance.
  3. If the interpreter did not attend the meeting for extraordinary reasons, or if the meeting could not be properly conducted due to problems that WIP Japan was responsible for, WIP Japan shall return the ticket(s) to the User in accordance with the extent of the issues that occurred, as determined by WIP Japan.
  4. Users should confirm details such as reservable time slots, reservation times, and fees using the YOYAQ website.
  5. Even if the start of a meeting is delayed due to reasons residing with the User, the meeting shall end at the designated time, and the tickets shall not be returned in such cases.

Article 11 (Action in event of disaster)

If it becomes temporarily difficult for a meeting to take place or for the interpreter to participate in it, and the Service thus has to be suspended, due to reasons that are not the fault of WIP Japan, such as sudden system malfunctions, domestic incidents, natural disasters, etc., WIP Japan and the User shall consult with one another to arrive at a solution, such as returning the ticket(s) or rescheduling the meeting.

Article 12 (Scope of responsibility)

  1. If WIP Japan, for its own reasons, was unable to provide a User with an interpreting service, WIP Japan shall return the ticket(s) that the User used for their reservation. WIP Japan shall incur no additional liability for any loss suffered by the User as a result of the cancellation, even if the cancellation was sudden.
  2. Users are supposed to receive interpreting services after properly confirming their signal and device settings, and if WIP Japan determines that a meeting could not take place due to issues with the User’s communications equipment or connectivity, WIP Japan shall not return the ticket(s) to the User.
  3. WIP Japan shall be under no obligation to protect copyrights to files, videos, images, etc. sent to interpreters or uploaded by Users regardless of whether they are published on the website or remain non-public.
  4. If the site cannot be accessed due to server connection issues, WIP Japan shall endeavor to restore connectivity, but shall not compensate Users for any lost opportunities.

Article 13 (Prohibition of direct dealings)

If a User wishes to employ, dispatch, or entrust work to an interpreter whom they have come to know through the Service, they must not negotiate with them directly, but rather through the office that administers the Service. A User who violates this provision shall be obliged to pay a fine of one million yen. However, if the loss suffered by WIP Japan exceeds this amount, the User shall be liable for compensation for that loss.

Article 14 (Prohibition of sexual harassment and other human rights infringements)

If a User engages in any of the following conduct, they shall be prohibited from using the Service and legal action shall be taken against them:
  • Infringes an interpreter’s personal rights by, for example, making them feel uncomfortable on account of race, religion, gender differences, etc., threatening/intimidating them without good reason, or causing them to experience unpleasant feelings as result of using sexual words, behavior, etc. such as physically touching them
  • Persistently asks them questions about private matters in such a way that it impedes their ability to perform their interpreting work, demands that they display the interior of their room or their full body even when this is unnecessary, expresses romantic interest in them, initiates sexual acts, or pesters them for a date

Article 15 (Protection of personal information)

The Company handles personal information about Users that has come into its possession in accordance with WIP Japan’s personal information protection policy. However, personal information communicated to individual interpreters by Users themselves is not covered by this policy. Messages sent between Users are sent using a bulletin board system that can be viewed from both parties as well as the Company. Messages may be checked from time to time to ensure that no inappropriate messages are being sent or received.

Article 16 (Duty of Confidentiality)

Both parties should maintain confidentiality of any information acquired that is not publicly available, during the use of the Service and during the interpretation. The information shall not be disclosed or leaked to a third party without the prior written (including electronic) consent of the other party. The obligation set forth in this section shall continue until the confidential information becomes public knowledge and is available for general use. This obligation shall continue even after the Users have withdrawn from the Service by way of closing their account.

The User agrees to act in good faith and in accordance with the terms of use and any applicable laws and regulations. In addition, the User agrees any confidential information represented by the following shall not be provided to the other party:

  1. Any information that Users owes a duty of confidentiality to a third party
  2. Trade secrets owned by past or present employers or any other third party
  3. If the User is currently an employee or director of a specific company, information regarding the company’s performance, strategy, business procedures, business operations, or products, etc. which are not publicly available
  4. Information that is prohibited form disclosure by law such as personal information acquired through this Service which can be used to identify the individual shall not be disclosed or leaked to a third party without the prior written (including electronic) consent of the other party

Article 17 (Copyrights and ownership rights)

All copyrights and ownership righs to trademarks, statement, and logos relating to the Service belongs to the Compnay. Users a prohibited from the use, redistribution, etc. of copies thereof.

Article 18 (Prohibited action)

Users of this Service shall not engage in the following actions:

  1. Acts that infringe on the rights (property rights, intellectual property rights, name rights, portrait rights, honor rights, etc.) of third parties, regardless of whether they are individuals or companies
  2. Violating the duty of confidentiality by leaking company secrets, etc
  3. Violating the internal rules of your company or organization
  4. Registering, posting, or displaying false information
  5. Registering multiple accounts or allowing a third party to use one’s account or illegally accessing and using accounts
  6. Transferring the right to participate in interpretation business transactions concluded through the Service to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company
  7. The act of conducting an interpretation business transaction without paying a usage fee, etc., despite having met through the Service
  8. The act of avoiding payment of fees to the Company by contacting each other outside of this site, concluding contract that excludes the Company, and avoiding the use of payment systems provided by the Company, despite having learned of the experience and skills of the interpreters through this Service
  9. The act of causing trouble to the system or the provision of the Service by sending viruses, making unauthorized access, etc
  10. Any other act that interferes with the Service of the Company’s business or damages the Company’s credibility
  11. Providing or soliciting information that includes political or religious ideas
  12. Any act that falls under the category of network business, multilevel marketing, pyramid schemes, or solicitation for such, or any act that falls under the category of product sales, marriage introduction, dating services, or solicitation for such services
  13. Inducing affiliates to use the site, and posting links that do not match the purpose of the site
  14. Acts that constitute corruption as defined in the Japanese Criminal Code, or any other acts that involve the improper transfer of money or goods for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business, as defined in anti-corruption or anti-bribery laws in other countries (e.g., U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, U.K. Bribery Act, etc.) or improperly influence the judgment or decision of a government official or decision of a government official acting in an official capacity by providing money or goods
  15. Duplicating, altering, editing, deleting, combining with other programs, reverse engineering, disassembling, decompiling or building mirror sites of all or part of this service
  16. Scraping, crawling (programs such as crawlers, robots, and spiders), or other similar means to access the Service and obtain information related to the Service
  17. Behavior or action that may violate laws and regulations, public order, and morals
  18. Any other act that the Company deems inappropriate

Article 19 (Deactivation, suspension or termination of accounts)

In the event the Company judges that the Users have committed any of the following acts, the Company without any notice may temporarily suspend the Users’ access to the Service, delete all or part of the registration information and messages between users, cancel the membership registration, or prohibit all subsequent use of the Service.u

  1. If you violate this Term of Use (including breach of representations and warranties)
  2. If the registering User has had their account terminated previously
  3. If users do not respond to the Company’s request for improvement
  4. The User does not respond within a reasonable period of time when contacted to the registered contact information
  5. In the event the Company deems you to be unsuitable as a member of the Service

Article 20 (Interruption, suspension or termination of the Service)

In the event of any of the following situations, the Company may suspend or terminate this Service without prior notice to Users

  1. For repair and maintenance of the system
  2. Unforseen situations that constitute force majeure, such as power failure, fire, or natural disasters
  3. When the Company deems it necessary the Company may change or terminate the Service without prior notice to the User

Article 21 (Disclaimer of warranties)

The information that Users registers or posts in the Service is based on their own responsibility and judgment, and the Company does not guarantee anything about accuracy, legality, or validity. The use of the Service is entirely at the user's own risk.

The Company does not warrant that the Service will not infringe the rights of any third party or be illegal. Except in cases of default or tort by the Company, the Company shall not compensate for any damages incurred by the User.

The Company shall confirm to a reasonable extent the individual contents and quality of the Service, the interpreter's ability, and the background and qualifications of the interpreters introduced through seminars, blogs, and other media held in conjunction with the Service, the Company will not make any guarantees to the User.

The Company will make appropriate efforts to operate the Service, but does not guarantee that the Service and the Website are free of computer viruses or other harmful items.

Article 22 (Disclaimer and compensation for damages)

Except in the case of default or tort by Company the Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage, damage, etc. arising from the following items for any reason whatsoever:

  1. In the event that trouble occurs between Users or between Users and third parties through the Service
  2. In the event that the services obtained through this Service do not meet the user's expectations
  3. In the event that trouble occurs due to the use of services and websites other than this YOYAQ and are linked to this site
  4. In the event that the data registered or posted on the Service is lost
  5. In the event of unauthorized access to the Site or the Company's system, or in the event of contamination by a computer virus
  6. In the event that the user in question suffers damage as a result of a response such as suspension of use based on these terms

In the event that a User suffers damages based on a default or tort by the Company, the Company shall be liable for damages up to the amount of ordinary damages directly suffered by the User, except in cases where the Company is intentionally or grossly negligent.

Article 23 (Exclusive agreed court of jurisdiction)

This Term of use shall be interpreted in accordance with the law of Japan. In the event of legal dispute arising between WIP Japan and a User, the Tokyo District Court is agreed on by WIP Japan and the User as the exclusive court of jurisdiction for initial hearings.

Revised on June 21, 2021.