Below are some impressions from customers that have used the Yoyaq service. This page will continually be updated with new testimonials.

This was my first time to use an interpreting service, but I didn’t have any trouble with making reservations or the meeting itself.

I was put in charge of a meeting with overseas counterparts, but I had no idea how to find and hire an interpreter. I found Yoyaq and used the site to find and reserve an interpreter. The online meeting went smoothly, so that was a big relief. Thank you.

I needed interpreting for a short meeting urgently and was able to place my order easily.

Up until now, I often contacted an interpreting company and had them assign an interpreter, but when I needed an interpreter urgently for only a short period of time, I always hesitated. With Yoyaq, everything is done online, so it was easy to use. Thank you, and I’m sure I’ll be using the service again.